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Building a Mediterranean Ecosystem of Innovation

Innovation and new technologies are opening new avenues for cooperation. In the wider Mediterranean region, tech advancements, digital solutions, green transition are already shaping economic policies and energy markets and accelerating sustainable growth. Open innovation is increasing the interactions among Mediterranean actors, contributing to economic diversification, new investments, and employment opportunities. Innovative start-ups, incubators and accelerators, investments funds and venture capitals are the drivers of these transformations. The supporting role of international organisations, local institutions and the private sector will further advance the construction of a flourishing ecosystem for innovation. Nevertheless, there is a still a long way to go to unleash this potential. Fostering coordination between all the involved stakeholders is key to assess common needs, fill financial gaps, overcome barriers to entrepreneurship, and share best practices to promote a strong and innovative business environment. This event provides expert analyses and prospects from leading stakeholders on the establishment of an innovation ecosystem, increasing the potential for growth on both the shores of the Mediterranean. 

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Panel Composition

DANA GOUREVICH | Chief Technology Officer, Israel Innovation Authority

GIACOMO SILVESTRI | Executive Chairman,Eniverse Ventures; Head of Innovation Ecosystems, Eni

MOHAMMED SOLIMAN | Director, Strategic Technologies and Cyber Security Program, Middle East Institute


FRANCESCO ROCCHETTI | Secretary General, ISPI; Director, Rome MED Dialogues