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Cultural Diplomacy in Times of Conflict

Culture is a powerful driver for human actions. Parties in conflict mobilise selected readings of history to divide societies and erase the traces of a common past. Yet, culture, in its tangible and non-tangible components (archives& manuscripts, heritage sites but also music, food and language) can also be an entry-point for engagement in conflict-settings and an instrument to strengthen ongoing de-escalation processes and multilateral cooperation. How to unleash the potential of cultural diplomacy to address the challenges of contemporary politics? By bringing together art curators, diplomats and heritage professional, the event will discuss pathways to unleash the potential of culture to address diplomatic challenges, enhance de-escalation and foster multilateral cooperation across the Mediterranean and beyond.



TAMARA CHALABI | Co-founder and Chair, Ruya Foundation; Curator, Venice Biennale

VALERY FRELAND | Executive Director, ALIPH

ANNA SIDORENKO | Chief of the unit Culture and heritage protection, UNESCO



MARIA FANTAPPIE | Founder of the Cultural Heritage Mediation Initiative