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Series “The Future of Energy” | Looking Southward: the EU Quest for Energy Diversification

As record gas prices and the cost of electricity soar, and fear of a potential energy crisis is looming at large, the Northern shore of the Mediterranean has been debating how to diversify its energy suppliers and secure alternative energy sources. Energy security intertwines with the EU’s path towards a clean energy transition as natural gas has recently been included among the energy sources which will accompany the EU’s transition to climate neutrality. The EU depends on producers from the Middle East and North Africa region for around 15% of its natural gas imports. Recent discoveries, the building of new infrastructures and a better coordination among emerging producers could all help to alleviate the current energy crunch and contribute to accelerating the energy transition in the broad Mediterranean region. Could an increase in imports from Mediterranean gas producers help to protect Europe from potential gas shortages? What role do cooperative and competitive dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean play in this effort? To what extent can natural gas contribute to the decarbonization of economies in the broader Mediterranean region? What prospects for the development of new pipelines and LNG facilities?

Panel Discussion

Ali Al-Saffar, Programme Manager, Middle East and North Africa, International Energy Agency (IEA)  

Seda Duygu Sever-Mehmetoglu, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar Foundation 

Karen YoungSenior Fellow, Director, Program on Economics and Energy, Middle East Institute (MEI) 



Matteo VillaSenior Research Fellow, Co-Head Data Lab, ISPI