#Med2022 - Agenda

MED Fora


Forum Cybersecurity

09:00 am CET

Securing critical infrastructures

Organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The Forum consists in closed-door sessions, under Chatham House rule, by invitation only


Recent events have confirmed the crucial importance of having the ability to protect and secure critical infrastructures, even more so in an increasingly digitalized world marked by the involvement of multiple State and non-State actors, including private companies. 

In such a complex environment, ensuring correct functioning of critical infrastructures as well as the protection of their digital perimeter, is a constant challenge for all governments. In addition, there is growing recognition that exchange of experiences are crucial to identify solutions and build mutual trust, a key factor when coming to implementation. 

Within the framework of Rome MED-Dialogues 2022, the Cyber Forum will dedicate special attention to the topic of securing mutual infrastructures, focusing on the need to identify and assess current threats and to define possible elements on how best to tackle them, to offer to decision-makers.  

Securing critical and strategic infrastructure requires up-to-date and proactive cybersecurity capacity, as well as an efficient regulatory framework. Gaps in cyber capacity building, human resources training and management affect the capacity of individual countries to prevent, detect and manage malicious attacks. International cooperation is crucial to fill those gaps and essential to increase the overall capabilities of States in the cyber domain, thereby positively contributing to a shared notion of security in the cyber sphere.