#Med2021 - Agenda

MED Panels



04:30 pm CET

Chair & Speakers: Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen , Alaa Elaroush , Emmanuel Cohen-Hadria , Kehkashan Basu , Antonio Argenziano , Biliana Sirakova , Rumaitha Al Busaidi

In 2021, the world was still deeply crippled by the long-lasting socio-economic consequences of the pandemic which affected every aspect of the lives of societies across the entire Mediterranean. Specifically, this has posed several important challenges for the youth globally in relation to the spheres of education and employment as well as access to essential services. Additionally, these issues have been combined with the growing concern that is safeguarding a green and sustainable future for the planet which has proven to be increasingly difficult due to the rapid rate of climate change repercussions. Due to the long-lasting and widespread effects of climate change, it is extremely important to establish effective forms of international cooperation. Within this context, the European Union and its green agenda can represent a valuable partner for the Mediterranean countries. To tackle climate change effectively, we need inclusive and extensive cooperation, in the form of a ‘climate diplomacy.’ 

 As such, finding both innovative solutions to not only help solve and combat these problems but also to involve the large youth population, expected to carry the heavy burden of the long-term consequences of the climate crisis, is urgent.  For the Youth across Europe and the Middle East North African region to thrive as global citizens, tapping into their potential and empowering them is essential to facilitate dialogue and foster regional development and cooperation. 

This vision is exactly what inspired the creation of the Youth Forum Contest, which will be held on December 2nd. During this Forum, eight young contestants will present their innovative projects which will assessed by a selected jury. Economic interdependency and common interests bring naturally European and Mediterranean countries to find a shared approach towards the green transition. Now more than ever, this mutual approach is needed to respond to the legitimate requests and expectations of the region’s youth. 

The present panel, organized in the framework of Rome MED Conference will provide an opportunity to discuss and shine light on how young generations can shape a greener future through innovation and civic engagement.  

Following this discussion, the two winners of 2021 Youth Forum Contest will be awarded their prizes during a celebratory ceremony.  The session will conclude with the presentation of the outcomes of the survey carried out by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation among the participants of the Youth Forum. These results, in alignment with the spirit of the Conference on the Future of Europe, are intended to give a voice to the ideas and proposals of young generations and allowing them to have wider visibility and impact on policymakers.