#Med2022 - Agenda

MED Panels


Iran: What Lies Ahead?

11:00 am CET

Chair & Speakers: Ellie Geranmayeh , Sanam Vakil , Bruno Scholl , Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi , Robert Malley

In cooperation with Royal University Services Institute (RUSI)

This panel wants to investigate what the future holds for Iran, a country poised between its fragile internal conditions and ongoing international competition. On the domestic front, the Islamic Republic is indeed grappling with economic contraction due to a harsh sanctions’ regime, endemic inflation, a steady weakening of the national currency and increasing public frustration. Not to mention the ongoing unrests. At the international level, Teheran is not immune from the consequences on the global balances of the war in Ukraine.  Furthermore, a reflection will be useful on the prospects for the JCPoA and the possible repercussions from the current protests.