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North Africa: Resilience amid Crisis

09:00 am CET

Chair & Speakers: Canan Atilgan , Dalia Ghanem , Haizam Amirah-Fernández , Yael Lempert , Intissar Fakir , Emna Ben Arab

In cooperation with Middle East Institute (MEI)

North Africa continues to battle its way through compounded challenges of economic hardship, food insecurity, and the fragile process of democratic consolidation – all of which are taking place in an increasingly complex global and regional geopolitical context. However, history tells of the potential of remarkable growth and transformations that come out of the aftermath of turmoil and turbulence. The discussion will focus on explaining the impact and possible outcome of this confluence of circumstances, looking at the potential for instability, the long-term economic outlook, and areas of promise for the region’s youthful societies.