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One Year Later: The War In Ukraine And The MENA Region | Facing The Economic Shocks


The war in Ukraine has echoed on the MENA countries’ economies, derailing their trajectory of post-Covid recovery. With trade disruption, increasing prices of commodities, the risk of food insecurity, and growing public debts, the long-term consequences of the current crisis will impact on the region for the years to come. This event provides expert analyses and prospects on the war’s impact on economic challenges, growth and macro-economic reforms.

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ALDO LIGA | Research Fellow, MENA Centre, ISPI

KAREN YOUNG | Senior Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University;  Non-Resident Senior Scholar, MEI

ECKART WOERTZ | Director, GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies


ABDELAAZIZ AIT ALI | Manager, Economics and Head, Research Department, Policy Center of the New South