#Med2023 - Agenda

MED Panels


Recalibrating the Social Contract in the MENA


Since the Arab Uprisings, the ruling elites of the MENA region have proven resilient in the face of internal and external challenges to their hold on power. The geopolitical and socioeconomic knock-on effects of recent global crises have impacted the regional countries’ domestic political and social balances with diverse outcomes. This event will provide expert analysis and insights into the factors shaping the evolving relationships between state and society in the MENA region, zooming in on the implications of different elite response strategies vis-à-vis the needs of citizens.

Panel Composition

SIMON MABON | Professor of International Politics, University of Lancaster

OLA RIFAI | Deputy Director for Outreach, Centre for Syrian Studies, University of St. Andrews

ERWIN VAN VEEN | Senior Research Fellow and Head, Middle East programme, Clingendael


LORENZO FRUGANTI | Junior Research Fellow, MENA Centre, ISPI


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