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Understanding Turkey’s Foreign Policy in Times of Transformations


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In times of transformations, Turkey’s ambitious foreign policy has been particularly active both at the international and regional level. Over the years, the diversification of external relations has been a major feature of a multidimensional foreign policy in which the United States and the European Union no longer occupy the central place. While both Turkey and its traditional Western allies share crucial geostrategic, security and economic interests, bilateral ties have gone through different phases and experienced setbacks. In parallel, the Middle East neighbourhood and the enlarged Mediterranean region have become privileged areas of Ankara’s interest and action, turning Turkey into a crucial player in the main regional crises. How is Turkish foreign policy adapting to the evolving global system and changing regional order? What are the implications of Turkey’s evolving foreign policy on its relations with the US and the EU? How to redefine constructive ties with Washington and Brussels? What role can Turkey play in the solution of crises in the MENA region?

Turkey and the West

Evren Balta, Professor of International Relations, Ozyegin University; Senior Scholar, Istanbul Policy Center

Ian Lesser, Vice President and Executive Director, The German Marshall Fund of the United States


Valeria Talbot, Co-head MENA Centre and Senior Research Fellow, ISPI


Turkey and the Middle East

Galip Dalay, CATS Fellow, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) ; Non-resident fellow, Brookings Doha Center (BDC); Associate fellow, Chatham House

Dorothée Schmid, Senior Research Fellow, Head of Turkey and Middle East Program, IFRI


Kadri Tastan, GMF-TOBB Senior Fellow, The German Marshall Fund of the United States