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Untangling the knot of geopolitics and economics in the MENA region

In the wider Mediterranean region, economic turbulences are increasingly intertwined with political and geopolitical factors. A look at the countries currently going through economic and financial maelstroms confirms this point. In addition to this, some countries are experiencing trends of economic nationalism and heterodoxy in economic policies, while the relation with international financial institutions prove difficult. At the same time, the easing of geopolitical tensions and long-awaited diplomatic ententes seem to open new venues for cooperation. This event provides expert analysis and insights on the interplay between geopolitics, politics and economics and new geoeconomic trends, and how many of them could be reconciled with the need of more regional economic cooperation.


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Panel Composition

ALIA MOUBAYED | Managing Director, Jefferies International

TAHA ÖZHAN | Research Director, Ankara Institute

TARIK M. YOUSEF | Senior Fellow and Director, Middle East Council on Global Affairs


ALDO LIGA | Research Fellow, MENA Centre, ISPI