#Med2020 - Agenda

MED Fora

Women’s Forum – Covid-19 and Human Security in the Mediterranean Region

SESSION 1 Building Back Better: Women’s Economic Empowerment During Covid-19 and Beyond The COVID-19 pandemic has been a shock to societies and economies everywhere, exposing the important role women play both on the frontlines and


Youth Forum – Addressing the Youth Challenge. How to Avoid a Lost Generation in the Mediterranean

  In 2020, the world has come together to face the global challenge of COVID-19. With its health, economic and social repercussions, the pandemic has indistinctively disrupted nearly all aspects of life for societies throughout


Infrastructure Forum – Rethinking infrastructure: Fostering a steady and sustainable economic recovery in the Mediterranean

   MED’s aim is to be an intermediary for intraregional dialogue, ensuring a high interaction and exchange of views among its participants. In this context, this by-invitation-only Forum, organized by ISPI, with the knowledge