#Med2020 - Agenda

Regional Meetings

Navigating troubled waters: Multilateralism as a response to crises in the Mediterranean

  The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the MENA region especially hard, exacerbating the political and institutional weaknesses of fragile States and disproportionately affecting the lives and livelihoods of those already vulnerable due to protracted conflicts, deepening humanitarian crises as well as deeply entrenched economic and social difficulties.   The United


U.S. Foreign Policy in the MENA region after the election

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded in the MENA region, its consequences have exacerbated pre-existing vulnerabilities such as economic inequalities, fragile societies, demographic imbalances, struggling political transitions, ongoing conflicts, and more. COVID has also signaled


Global Europe to the Test: Updating the European Approach to the Mediterranean

Ten years since the Arab uprisings began, socio-economic, security and political indicators have worsened considerably in many countries in the MENA region. Protracted conflict in states like Syria, Libya and Yemen, the geopolitical rivalry between