Being Young in the Mediterranean Region: 2 MED Events You Should Not Miss

A Young Region

Trust in governments is fading in the MENA region: only 32% of young people expressed trust in their national government across 12 countries in 2018. In the face of socio-economic challenges, administrative corruption and inadequate public services, youth-led protests spread in numerous countries across the MENA region in 2019. In September, a virtual panel organised in partnership between MED and the MENA-OECD Governance Programme, discussed all of these challenges



The Youth Factor

Since the first edition in 2015, MED has promoted a Youth Forum with the purpose to gather young promising leaders, distinguished for their innovative ideas and projects. Throughout this year, young leaders have participated in the “MED Youth Forum Contest – Ideas and Projects at Work”. They presented the projects that could most effectively facilitate the creation of a positive agenda in the broad Mediterranean region and foster development and cooperation in the area. The edition of this year will focus on projects that deal with the pandemic.
This is what it looked like when winners presented their projects to a broader audience during the MED2019 session “The Youth Factor: Challenges And Opportunities For New Generations In The MENA Region”

This year, Rome MED Dialogues go digital