MED Surveys: The Opinion of the Participants on MENA Region Events

The 5th edition of the Rome MED – Dialogues has been enriched by a set of surveys to ask guests their opinion about current events in the Middle East and North Africa region. The questions have been sent to the 1,000 MED participants through the official App of the event.
The participants to MED – Dialogues come from more than 50 countries of the extended Mediterranean region, thus providing a broad sample of opinions on the most important regional issues.

Here are the results of the surveys:

MENA Region – Top 3 2020 Risks for Geopolitical Stability

  1. Tensions in the Gulf
  2. Mass street protests and social uprisings
  3. Uncertainty of political successions in key states of the region

MENA Region – Top 3 2020 Business Risks

  1. Failure of economic reform agendas
  2. Tariffs and sanctions
  3. Fiscal crises

MENA Region – Top 3 2020 reasons of hope 

  1. Achievement of a negotiated solution to the war in Yemen
  2. Renewed youth and civil society activism
  3. Launch of a regional security dialogue in the Gulf