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Carnegie Middle East Center – Options for the EU-Turkey Relationship

May 3, 2019


Turkey’s relationship with Europe—and with the West more generally—is rooted in several factors. Relations are affected by the domestic politics in all countries concerned, while conflicts at Turkey’s borders have implications for the country’s security and for migration flows toward the EU. Economic and financial ties, Ankara’s intensified links with Russia and Iran, and Turkey’s rule of law also have significant consequences.

Despite growing divergences between Turkey and its traditional Western allies, neither side can afford for political, economic, and security relations to deteriorate beyond a certain point. This is especially true of the EU-Turkey economic relationship, where trade, foreign direct investment, and technology transfers play important roles both ways.

The rest of 2019 will be full of testing moments for all the critical components of the relationship. It is up to both sides to renew the search for realistic avenues for constructive cooperation.

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