ISPI MED Dossier

ISPI MED Dossier | Libya 10 Years Later: Dashed Hopes and Renewed Negotiations

Ispi MED Dossier edited by Matteo Colombo, ISPI and ECFR

Ten years ago, the Libyan citizens took to the streets to protest the Gaddafi regime. In the following years, the country became the battleground of political competition between regional and international powers that exploited local rivalries to advance their interests. Nowadays, Libya still lacks functioning institutions to provide efficient services and fairly distribute hydrocarbons revenues to citizens. While severe issues remain, other developments give rise to cautious optimism. Notably, the two warring parties established a truce in the last months. The current stalemate opens a window of opportunity for de-escalating the conflict. Still, to reach a workable agreement, essential issues need to be addressed. What can local and international actors learn from previous mistakes? Can the ongoing negotiations provide a viable path to a workable future? How can the international community play a constructive role in supporting the country?


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