Speakers 2020

Ranj Alaaldin

Fellow, the Brookings Institution; and Director of the Carnegie Corporation's Proxy Wars Initiative

Dr Ranj Alaaldin is a Fellow at the Brookings Institution and Director of a Carnegie Corporation project on proxy warfare in the Middle East and North Africa. He was previously a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and specialized in intrastate conflict, governance, and human security issues in the Middle East and North Africa region. He currently focuses on post-conflict reconstruction, proxy warfare, security sector reform, and peace-building in conflict. He led election-monitoring and fact-finding teams in Iraq between 2009-14 as well as Libya during the 2011 uprising. His previous research focused on social movements and sub-national identities, with an emphasis on Iraq’s Shiite community and the religious establishment in Najaf. Alaaldin has advised and consulted government and non-government organizations and was awarded a $400,000 grant by the Carnegie Corporation of New York for a two-year collaborative project that brings together belligerents, scholars and practitioners to establish de-escalation mechanisms in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. He is also leading a project focused on public sector reforms in Iraq and the region, in coordination with the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office. Alaaldin has published extensively with peer-reviewed journals, the New York Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and Foreign Affairs and holds a doctorate from the London School of Economics and Political Science.