Top 5 foreign nationalities at MED

Many nationalities are represented at MED 2018. The rising importance of a dialogue on the main Mediterranean issues is witnessed by the gathering in Rome of heads of State and governments, experts and academics, and business leaders from all over the world. Hereinafter, the top five foreign nationalities present at MED this year.  


United States (11): Washington has a traditional interest for the stabilization of the region. The role of the United States will be widely discussed in the MED event.

United Kingdom (9): The UK has long-standing relations in the Mediterranean. Several experts and host representatives of the British government will provide their contribution to MED 2018.

Egypt (8): The most populous country in the Mediterranean and one of the fastest growing economies in the region, with significant proven energy reserves, will be at the centre stage of the next edition of MED.

Iraq (6): The country has recently known tough challenges, tackling ISIS threats, and organizing general elections in a fragile security situation. the future of Iraq will be at the core of MED 2018.

Iran (5): The Islamic Republic is a major regional power and a central hub for connecting the Middle East with Central Asia. Teheran strategy for the region will be analysed in the event.